Quick round up

I’ve been rubbish at keeping my training diary over the past month. This week I’ve been poorly bad with a cold (it’s not covid as I tested negative) so I’ve taken a total rest this week. My excuse for not keeping up over the past few weeks is that life has been very busy. I’ve been training just not keeping my diary up to date.

Strength training

My least favourite part of my training schedule but I have been good at keeping it up. A big thanks to Gemma who showed me some new moves to mix things up so I don’t get stale!

6am run club

Other than the past week I’ve been enjoying getting out either on my own or with friends as part of out unofficial She Runs Cardiff 6am Run Club.

I love running first thing as it sets me up for the day, helps clear my head and makes me feel like anything is possible. It’s also a great stress reliever particularly as I’ve had a lot on my plate recently.

Hills sessions

I’m enjoying my shuffled round and pared back training plan for the actual VOGUM. I’ve dropped one of my weekend runs so I can spend more time with my family on the basis that I’ll still have the miles from the FAUX-GUM in my legs. It’s meant that I have space to do a hard running session in the week and have some recovery time before my long run rather than my weekday sessions being in a three day row.

It’s been great to get out with others doing these as well as on my own. Lots of my friends are now training for races so there’s plenty of others around to run with if I fancy it.

What’s been a big (happy) surprise is that I don’t feel like I’ve lost power on my legs despite it being a while between the FAUX-GUM and my first hill session.

Long runs

I’d started ramping up my long runs before I became poorly. I love my adventure runs where I’m not 100% sure where I’m going but have a vague clue. There’s something quite exciting about getting a bit lost and having to find your way back on track.

A couple of weeks ago I explored around the Caerphilly area and should have been out running 15 miles today but this cold has knocked me for six so it was just three miles today. I’m hoping by next weekend I’ll have improved enough to get out for a longer run.

She Runs Cardiff runs

I’ve been out running on our She Runs Cardiff runs since I ran the FAUX-GUM. We held our summer relay at the start of the month which saw over 600 people from across the globe running in teams between 7am and 7pm to raise money for Kidney Wales. Between the FAUX-GUM and the summer relay we raised over £7000 which is amazing! I was really proud to be the team co-captain for our team Chafing The Dream.

I’ve been buddying on our regular runs across Cardiff too, including a fab run with our Couch to 5k group.

I’m aiming to be better at keeping my training log up to date now!

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