Time to start building again

It’s been two weeks since we ran our ultra marathon and after the rest my mind is starting to think about building up again (slowly) ahead of the new race date in August. I don’t want to burn out but I’m starting to feel that if I ramp up slowly then I should be fine.

I’ve already made the decision that this training plan won’t be as intense as the last one. It’s only over 10 weeks for a start and whilst I could pack loads in it’s not fair on my family. I’m hoping that I have the miles in my legs from last time to help carry me through and that what I’ve planned will just top the miles up.

I’m still going to fit in some decent length runs, the longest is 20 miles three weeks ahead of the race with 15 and 18 mile runs thrown in for good measure. What I’m not doing this time is running on both days of the weekend. I know I’ll be looking forward to my long runs as I’ve already started missing them. Whilst I probably won’t go out on the Coast path again, I’ll look to do some more exploring in the local area.

I’m also going to start my hill or speed sessions back in the week as well as my strength sessions as all of that has dropped off too.

I know once I head out for a hill or speed session I’ll be fine. They are short and sharp. Also they create a very pleasing Strava/ Garmin chart which I love as it shows how hard I’ve worked. I know it’s a small thing but it makes me happy.

For me, the strength sessions will be the ones that I’ll struggle with the most. It’s a session that I know is important but the one that I like doing the least. With the weather being nicer I might see if I can move it outside and do body weight exercises some times rather than be inside in the living room with weights. I know that I need to keep my glute exercises up as well otherwise Gurtrude my left glute will get complacent and I can’t be having a glute that’s not pulling it’s weight, literally! I know that the strength sessions prevent injury so I will be making a concerted effort to keep them up.

Mentally I feel ready to start up again but this time I’ll be more flexible if I need to be, especially with the runs as the reality is if I drop a mile or two from a long run the impact will be minimal.

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