When lack of organisation leaves a session without structure

Today’s strength training session felt a bit all over the place. Normally I have a plan and I work my way through the list of exercises that I’ve chosen and voila done!

Today I was really mindful that my leg ankle felt stiff after going over on it on Sunday and I didn’t want to aggravate it. A sensible person would have taken some time the night before to work out which exercises were best to ditch and which they could do. Except instead of doing that last night I pottered on my phone whilst ctwched up on the sofa. So when I came to do the session today it took brain power as well as muscle power to get through.

I know I worked hard but I couldn’t tell you what I did of how many reps per set as I didn’t keep a list which wasn’t my brightest idea. On the plus side I’m in a much better mood post workout having dropped the split squats and lunges. I can only assume that it’s them that drain me. Not that I’m going to cut them out but it’s useful to know.

Nevermind, hopefully it’ll be business as usual or I’ll have the foresight to plan the session.

Tomorrow I’m on my easy run so I’m off out to pick up a tube support bandage for some extra support just to be on the safe side. I’ve got one somewhere in the house but its currently hiding from me. I suspect it’ll turn up as soon as I buy the new one!

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