Celebrating the joy of running in Spring

This weekend has been perfect for running – sunny but slightly cool still. It’s my favourite time of the year to run. It’s warm but not stifling and there’s a slight cool breeze in the air.

This week was a cut back week so my weekend runs were only meant to be ten miles and six miles. I’m trying to work out when ten miles became ‘only’ ten miles! In terms of ultra running obviously its a short run but up until a few months ago ten miles was my long run and that would be as far as I would go, if that. My mind is definitely shifting to make longer runs feel more manageable. No doubt soon 16 miles will feel like ‘only’ 16 miles as I move towards running upwards of 20 miles on my training plan.

I really enjoyed this weekend’s runs, they filled me with joy. The weather helped admittedly but I think mentally I needed the cut back week.

Saturday I headed up the Wennalt and spotted the first signs of spring, the daffodils were out.

It was so nice to be out in the countryside too. There’s nothing like being surrounded greenery to lift your mood. That and a great play list. I got a new phone and it came with six months free Spotify premium so I’ve been able to download lots of play lists. I found a random one and popped that on for my run and ended up listening to some tracks I’ve not heard in years.

The only downside to my run was that I wore different socks and ended up with a blister on the arch of my right foot.

Today’s run was with Gruby. We had loads of fun on our adventure down to the sea. It was one of those relaxed runs where there was no need to rush and we could potter along to our hearts content enjoying the spring sunshine and seeing if we could take fun photos. It was really nice to not be thinking about how far I was going or how long I was going to be running for. It really was about celebrating the joy of running.

Unfortunately my blister is still uncomfortable. Not enough to be too painful to run, just enough to be noticeable that it’s there. I also went over on my ankle just as we were coming to the end of our run. I think it’s ok and whilst it was uncomfortable at the time it seems to have eased up. I am glad I’ve got a rest day tomorrow and I’ll see how it is and maybe look to switch up some if my strength training if its still a bit sore.

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