Reducing my easy miles – tweaking my session

Last night I made the decision to reduce the number of miles I was running this morning from eight to six. I was worried about how my ankle would manage as it felt very stiff later in the day after my strength training and I really didn’t fancy making it any worse!

So, this morning I strapped up my ankle, turned on my She Runs Cardiff play list on Spotify and headed out the door to test it out.

As it happens my ankle was fine. I took it really easy and my ankle didn’t give me any issues at all. It’s been ok the rest of the day as well.

It felt like a quite big thing to tweak the plan and reduce my miles. That probably sounds ridiculous but this is the first time I’ve followed a training plan. I know that in the grand scheme of things two miles is neither here nor there but I still had to mentally stop beating myself up. It’s silly really as I didn’t think twice about changing the strength session yesterday.

It’s nearly light!

My blister on my right foot is still bothering me unfortunately, but you can’t have it always. I’m hoping it’ll sort over the next few days, especially now I’m back in my favourite running socks.

What I did find interesting is how easy I found it to run easy this morning. That probably sounds a bit random. If you’re on an ‘easy’ run it should obviously feel easy. Often I’ll be running at a pace that should feel easy but I’m actually putting much more effort in than I did this morning. Today’s run genuinely felt easy, my breathing was pretty much normal and I felt like I could have comfortably run for much longer than I did. It’s taken nine weeks but I’m starting to wonder if I’ve finally started to understand the easy run.

Tomorrow is my first hill session of this training block and I’m off to try a new hill, say that is peak excitement in my life right now! I’ll still be strapped up to be on the safe side but I’m hoping there’ll be no issues.

3 thoughts on “Reducing my easy miles – tweaking my session

    1. I know. Its so strange, it feels like it should be the natural pace then everything else is speeded up but that’s never the way!


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