Miles for Mind – round up

Today is the last day of May and the end of Miles for Mind for another year. I pledged to run 50 miles this year and ended up covering 64 miles, which I’m so pleased with. The extra 14 miles will go into a pot to help others who weren’t able to complete their miles.

The key message from Miles for Mind is around raising awareness that mental health matters and raise money for the charity Mind. To me, this is particularly important this year as so many of us are dealing with so much due to coronavirus and the subsequent lock down.

This May has been a funny one for obvious reasons. Normally I’d run with friends and my running group but due to lock down I’ve run all my miles on my own.

I was dreading the solo runs to start with, coupled with the amount of stress I was feeling when I signed up, I fully expected to struggle to get through the 50 miles I pledged. I was tired and mentally at capacity. In April I’d only run 37 miles so 50 felt like a stretch.

Then something magical happened. I fell in love with The Long Run. All of a sudden my weekend runs were something to look forward too and an opportunity to explore the city where I live.

The support on the Miles for Mind Facebook group has been amazing. There’s always someone there to pick you up if you’re having a rough day. I’ve loved the support across our She Runs: Cardiff group as well. Everyone has pulled together and it’s been a great opportunity to get to know others as well.

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