Book review – We Just Clicked by Anna Bell

If you’re looking for some light lockdown relief look no further than Anna Bell‘s latest book, We Just Clicked. It’s laugh out loud funny and heart breaking at the same time.

Izzy is a wannabe Instagram influencer so when a colleague, Luke, suggests a fake date to increase both of their followers Izzy agrees. Along the way Izzy meets Aiden, who isn’t a big fan of social media. Queue all sorts of antics.

I really liked Izzy and felt she was really relateable. The inter office polics were hilarious too. I properly laughed out loud at points with some of the situations Izzy gets herself into, much to the confusion of my other half who was sat next to me at the time.

I was totally emotionally invested in Izzy’s story and couldn’t help crying at points too. We Just Clicked is brilliant and I’d definitely recommend having read.

We Just Clicked is out on Kindle and Audio book now and available on 6 August 2020.

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