Half way point round up

And just like that I’ve reached the end of week 11 on my plan and I’m half way to race day!

It got me thinking about whether my plan was right for me and whether I’d be race ready and more importantly race fit. The last thing I want to do is over train and end up injured and not being able to race at all.

Out have gone a lot of the distance based runs on the weekend and in come the time based runs. I looked at a 50k plan and a 50 mile plan and tried to find the middle ground. Also I’ve changed up how I do my back to back runs. My mileage has reduced slightly I think. I’ve also changed how close the the race I start tapering. Before it was five or six weeks out and now it’s a bit closer to race day. Lots of little changes that I hope will help.

I had a sports massage this week. It was definitely needed. The outside of both my legs are really tight. Apparently it’s likely to be as I’ve got flexible ankles so my foot rolls inwards putting extra pressure on the outsides of my calves and quads. It certainly makes sense in terms of where the massage was uncomfortable as that’s where I feel it when I foam roller. Gareth also gave me some exercises to do as I fire my hamstrings rather than my glutes first. I couldn’t even work out how to fire my glutes first so it’s a sad state of affairs that needs fixing.

All my other training has been going on in the background as well this week.

The smallest one joined me for my strength training for a bit before deciding that Room on the Broom was more fun. I can’t say I blame him.

I had some company for my strength session

My easy run was only half the distance it should have been as the smallest one woke up at 5am so I spent an hour trying, and failing, to get him back to sleep. Three miles swapped for cuddles isn’t a bad switch out though.

Four early easy miles

Thursday was a hill session which I eventually got round to programming into my Garmin. In all the time I’ve had my Garmin I’ve never used the workout function and now I’ve tried I’m not sure why I haven’t before.

Here’s my workout:

Hill work out

On reflection I should have reduced the warm up as I overestimated how long it would take me to get to the hill. I also didn’t know how to pause at the end of the run section so had to do all ten reps in a row! I worked it out about five minutes from the end of my cool down. The workout was tough but I still hold a bit back and I need to learn not to that.

I only ran once across the weekend as it was the smallest’s birthday. Today was 15 miles, ten miles with Gruby and five more on my own.

I struggled a bit at about four miles as my right calf got really tight but after walking for a bit it sorted itself out for the rest if the run.

We ran to see the local llamas and did lots if off road running as the paths weren’t too muddy. It was really good to do a different route and lovely to have the company. It’s been a year since our She Runs Cardiff virtual run club started.

After I left Gruby the five miles I did were deliberately hilly. As we’d run a fairly flatish route I wanted to get some hills in as I normally make sure one of my weekend routes is fairly hilly. This route was probably more close to the race with two smaller hills rather than climbing up a mountain so it’s good to mix it up.

By Cardiff The Taff Snail on the Taff’s Trail
The llamas

Tomorrow is a rest day. I’ve not made many changes to the week day workouts so it’ll be back to the strength session on Tuesday with the inclusion of some of the exercises Gareth gave me.

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