Week 12 round up – it’s been a bumpy week

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag this week, some of my runs I’ve come away from feeling like I’ve achieved loads and other’s I’ve found much harder.

I’m wondering if I’m doing too much on my rest days. On Friday I walked 6 miles, I wasn’t walking fast but I wonder if its impacting my weekend runs as its extra time on my feet. That said, in some ways it may be better prep for race day as its extra time on my feet close to my longer runs.

Strength session

Last week when I went for my sports massage I was told me that I wasn’t firing my glutes properly and given some exercises to do (clam shells and scissors). I did them on my rest day on Monday and have come to the very real conclusion that my left glute in particular has gone into hiding.

It got me thinking though about whether I was doing my strength training properly and using the correct form. A bit of YouTubing later and I found a really helpful video about squats and the correct way to do them. I suspect I use my hamstrings more than I should when I do them but the really useful tip was about raising your heels up ever so slightly to get more of a flex in your ankle and therefore a deeper squat. You can see from the picture the difference it makes for me. I had no idea this was even a thing and I’d just assumed I couldn’t squat that low. I thought I’d share in case it would be helpful for anyone else. (Please excuse the eldest sat playing Sonic on the tablet).

Easy run

Another disaster of an easy run. The youngest was up at 4.30am this week. 5am last week feels like a positive lie in. He ended up sleeping I our bed, whilst I didn’t manage to get back to sleep at all. Unfortunately he woke up as I tried to get up. Lots of cuddles later and I managed to squeeze in five of my seven miles.

Speed session

This week’s speed session was a tempo run and I totally underestimated myself when I set the session up on my Garmin. I set the Garmin up for me to average between a 9.30 minute mile and a 10.30 minute mile. I ended up managing to run each tempo section a minute faster than I thought I could and I maintained that across all four sections! I really enjoyed the session so I’m definitely going to re-do it, with the average pace re-set.

Long weekend runs

This weekend I was lucky enough to run with friends who I’ve not seen in ages.

On Saturday I ran with Andrea and we ran up to Castell Coch followed by a run around a part of Cardiff I don’t know that well. It was great to explore with Andrea and catch up at the same time.

On Sunday Kate and I explored down to the coast and then on some of the local trails. I really enjoyed chatting about the race as we’re both doing it, running in general and books whilst we explored.

We also chatted about mum guilt as we both have young children. It’s such a fine balance between fitting in the training and feeling like you’re being selfish. I’m always so aware that as my runs are getting longer the less time I’m at home. Whilst my other half is obviously more than capable of looking after the boys I do worry about the pressure it puts on him after a stressful week, as opposed to if we were both there with the boys. The flip side is that it’s obviously really important for the boys to see me do something for me and show both myself and them what I’m capable of.

Next week is a bit of a cut back week before my marathon run. Eek. I can’t work out if I’m excited or nervous about it at the moment.

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