Virtual Race To The Stones – Day 4

Run 1

It was another mixed night’s sleep last night. I’d always assumed I’d sleep like a log after the amount of running I’ve been doing but it turns out that’s not the case. I’d just put it down to coincidence that I was waking early until a friend mentioned that she struggled with her sleep when she upped her miles. I’m not sure of the science behind it but it has got me wondering in case I’m experiencing the same.

As I headed out this morning my legs felt heavy. I’m so glad I ran with my friend, even if my company wasn’t the most scintillating. I think I’d have struggled even more on my own. We bumped into more friends on the way round who are also completing the Race To The Stones Challenge. It’s so nice to spot people I know whilst I’m out, it’s a real boost and always gives me a bit of momentum, even if it’s just for a short time.

It was far more of a mixed walk/run today, I reckon about 75% running 25% walking. I found it hard at times to keep going. I’m not going to beat myself up about it though as I’ve never run this much before. I know I need to listen to my body if I’m going to complete the challenge.

This morning’s run was basically a game of dodge the puddle. It was soaking and I was wet through by the time I got home. I’m hoping my trainers will have dried out by the time I pull them on this evening. I’d rather run these distances in the rain then in boiling sunshine any day so I’m not complaining.

Today has added weight to the decision to reduce my morning distance.  I ran seven miles this morning rather than eight. I’ll try to top up on this evenings run when my legs feel more comfortable.

Run 1 today has taken me to 70km across the four days. Only another 30 to go. I’ll be honest I’m amazed I’ve managed that much whilst working full time. Admittedly the boys have been in child care three days this week so I’ve not been juggling as much. I’m not sure I’d have coped as well if we’d been juggling in the same way we were two weeks ago.

Run 2

I’ve been in my compression leggings all day in the hope that they’ll help my legs recover for my next run.

My body never ceases to amaze me. This evening I ran almost the same distance as this morning, except it was do much easier. For three miles of it I was two minutes a mile quicker. Isn’t that crazy? Clearly moving around all day, as well as eating and drinking, make such a difference.

The plan tomorrow is to do just one run. With three days to go and just 19k to go I’m ditching the morning run in favour of a lie in, and most likely a snuggle with the wee one.

I’m still debating how I’ll split the remaining distance across the weekend.  Do I do it all in one or across a couple of runs? I’ll see how I go tomorrow evening and then decide I think.

Right I’m off to befriend the foam roller again.

If you do have any spare money, I appreciate that in these unusual times that may not be the case, and you’d like to sponsor me that would be absolutely amazing. My Just Giving page is here.



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