Virtual Race To The Stones – Day 3

Run 1

Shattered pretty much sums up how I felt when the alarm went off just before 5.30am this morning. I had another broken night’s sleep (thank you bladder). It turns out that evening running requires re-hydrating later in the day, hence the middle of the night waking.

My legs were starting to really feel the distance I’ve run over the past couple of days. Very early into the run I decided that if I needed to walk I would. That took some of the pressure off which was helpful.

I decided I’d try to reach 50k and the half way point of the race. That meant at least seven, if not eight mikes. I’d done it yesterday, surely I could pull it off a second day in a row. It was definitely good to have a target that was reachable this morning to keep me going. I could have happily stopped as I passed the supermarket baking fresh bread and what smelled like chocolate croissants. They smelled delicious.

I found the first couple of miles went really slowly. It seemed like forever between the buzz from my watch but soon enough three miles ticked passed and then four. I found if I walked for just a small amount at the start of each mile I could run the rest.

All of a sudden there were two miles left to run and I was heading for home. Whilst I did walk a bit those miles felt the easiest, maybe because I knew I was nearly done. Just a full day of work to look forward too before another run this evening!

Run 2

I’ve been snacking through the day today, plus had a couple of coffees to help fend off the tiredness and get a bit of energy. I’ve also tried to rest up my legs today to help with this evening’s run. The compression leggings may well be on tomorrow.

What a run. I’m definitely finding the evening runs easier. I think it’s because I’ve been moving all day, plus I’m properly hydrated and fuelled.

Tonight’s run has made me re-assess how I run the rest of the challenge. I going to reduce the morning miles down by a mile and up the evening miles.

Right I’m off to *enjoy* foam rollering my legs, a shower and a post run snack before I start all over again in the morning. I’ve got company tomorrow morning which wil definitely help although I’m unlikely to be scintillating company.

If you do have any spare money, I appreciate that in these unusual times that may not be the case, and you’d like to sponsor me that would be absolutely amazing. My Just Giving page is here.



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