Virtual Race To The Stones – Day 2

Run 1

I had a very early start this morning as the wee one woke up at 4.30am. Once I settled him I couldn’t get back to sleep because the sea gulls were so loud. Standard. But it did mean that I was up an hour earlier than I needed to be. Sleep I missed that I really need for recovery, but that’s life.

I met up with a friend for a socially distanced run this morning as she’s also completing the Race to the Stones. I’m trying to do a mixture of runs on my own and with others to keep me going. We also bumped into some other fellow She Runner’s towards the end of our run. It was so nice to see their smily faces at 8 miles in and if I’m honest I enjoyed the rest whilst we chatted.

At points today I really found like I found my stride flying along. At other points I found I was really struggling with my energy levels. The Lucozade helped but I think the tiredness from the early start didn’t help. Also I’m very out of practice in terms chatting whilst running due to lockdown.

I did notice that where I had my stitch last night I found it niggled this morning, particularly when I took a drink. Something to keep an eye on in case some extra stretches are needed post run.

I’m still mixed about whether it’s better to front load my miles in the week or try to split them a bit more evenly. We ran 8.5 miles today and my target is 9 miles a day. With the added miles from yesterday I could leave going out tonight but I’ve decided I’ll go as it might mean one morning if I’m not feeling it I can drop my distance.

Yet again my sense of direction failed us (I really ought to do something about that!) so we ended up going a slightly different route to our roughly planned one. As it happens it meant another extra mile(ish) so more miles than planned this morning.

In other news one if my soft bottles has a puncture so I’m stuck with a leaky bottle. Not ideal. Both from a losing water point of view and also because of the location of my bottle when I wear my vest which means I may end up looking like I have a leaky boob! I may have to do a fix with some electrical tape.

Run 2

The wee one was naughty today which means he’s gone to bed early tonight. I’m sure it’s not something I should be pleased about (secretly I was but shh). It did mean that I could head out a little earlier this evening.

Whilst I was feeling the effects of this morning’s 8.5 miles and the early start I still felt like I wanted to go out. It’s been a busy day and this evening’s run was more about head space than miles.

It did the trick too. It may have been pouring and I got soaked but I came back feeling more calm than I had for most of the day. To be fair I spent the day working from home whilst potty training a three year old so anything was going to be respite.

I somehow found that elusive runner’s flow. I can’t really tell you what I was thinking about over the 4 miles I ran but I do know that my mind felt rested by the end.

It was probably a faster run then it should have been but it felt like the natural pace for that run. Hopefully I won’t feel the effects too keenly tomorrow.

On other, not running related news, how good is my Younique mascara? It didn’t run at all despite it raining and me being sweaty. Well impressed.

At the end of Day 2 I’ve covered an additional 20km and I’m 38% of the way there. The aim tomorrow morning is to hit 50% of the distance by the time I come back from my first run of the day.

This race has got me thinking. What else is possible? Could I really run a ful ultra? It’s definitely not something I’m ruling out at the minute as I’m really enjoying completing the Race To The Stones.

If you do have any spare money, I appreciate that in these unusual times that may not be the case, and you’d like to sponsor me that would be absolutely amazing. My Just Giving page is here.



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