Fighting my fear of the energy gel

I’ve always been a bit wary of energy gels. The nightmare stories of bad tummies and, horror of all horrors, needing a wild poo because you can’t get to the loo quickly enough … or even worse doing a Paula Radcliffe, have left me avoiding them at all costs.

It’s ridiculous really, lots of people use them with no problems whatsoever and the main gripe I’ve seen is about the taste and texture of some of them.

I decided that today was the day! I was going to try a gel!

I had a High 5 energy gel sat around from running one of the virtual races I’d completed last year.

A quick look though showed that it was out of date, only by a couple of months, but my mind then went into overdrive. Should I try it or should I leave it for today?

A quick Google showed that lots of runners and cyclists seemed to use gels even if they were a little out of date as they have a best before date not a use by date. General consensus was that if it wasn’t torn and had been stored as directed it would be fine. Operation ‘try a gel’ was back on!

Phew, only a little out of date

So, after all the fuss was it worth it?

I’m not really sure. Sorry to disappoint.

It tasted fine flavour wise. Nothing much to report there, certainly not offensive like some other gels I’d read about. The texture was much thicker than I was expecting, which was perhaps a little naive of me given they are called gels! I guess I’d say it was a bit slimy, not sure it helps I’m currently read David Walliams’ book Slime with my eldest though to be fair.

My tummy was fine, although it felt a bit full to start with, probably not helped by the water I drank afterwards as I could still feel it in my mouth. No reports of a dodgy tummy either, which is somewhat of a relief.

Will I be using energy gels again? Probably. They are handy to take out and pack down small so will come in handy as my distances increase.  In the past I’ve used jelly babies so I think I’m going to get some Cliff Bloks to try as I have a feeling they are more up my street.

What are your go it’s when you’re running long distances?

Today’s fuel

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