Ready, set, let the training commence!

Did I mention I’m running an ultra marathon this year? Maybe just the once or twice?

The first rule of training for an ultra is to tell everyone about it. All of the time…

Or maybe not.

Day two into January and my other half is starting to get bored of the training plan chatter already. Fortunately, I have an awesome running community out there who are willing to listen and offer advice.

It turns out the real first rule of training for an ultra is find your running community, whether it be a running group, club, on Twitter, through Facebook. These will be the people who will understand when training gets tough and offer words of support and advice.

I’m taking the sensible approach and trying to follow a training plan. I’ve never followed one before so before I even pull my trainers and Tikiboos on I’m already out of my comfort zone. If I’m honest drafting a training plan is almost as daunting as running the race itself. I’ve never been rigid with my training for any race I’ve run in the past but I know I need to if I’m to cover the 40 miles on race day. It’s all about respecting the distance.

I’ve been plotted down my training plan over the past few days and I’m fortunate to have a friend who looked over it with me. I’ve cut down the distance on some of the longer runs, as whilst I have a fairly decent base to start with I could use building it a bit more and I’ve never done anything like an ultra before. My longest run to date is 15 miles. That’ll change fairly quickly!

I’ve put two rest days a week in the plan. It’s more than some plans but I’m juggling work which is fairly stressful at the moment (like a lot of people I’m sure given the current circumstances), a young family (my boys are only 3 and 6) and running. Whilst I love to run I appreciate that I’m going to need to take a break too and I’m hoping that the down time will help with recovery and make the rest of the training more manageable, both physically and mentally.

I’ve also put in a day for strength and conditioning training. It’s very much absent at the moment but from the reading I’ve done it should help with bring able to manage the distance I’ll need to cover both in training and the race. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it but I’m sure I’ll grow to love it, or at least appreciate what it will do for me.

I’m aware I may well need to tweak my training plan as time goes on but the idea is to take each day as it comes. It’s all part of the experience, right?

The aim to use my blog as a training diary as well as share my experiences. If you have any helpful hints I’d love to hear them.

My current training plan

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