Strength and conditioning training- take 1

First strength and conditioning training session done! I was a bit worried as I can still feel Sunday’s run in my legs. But they seemed to be ok.

I’m not sure I’m confident in what I’m doing but it’s a start. The idea was to do 30 seconds work, then 30 seconds rest for each exercise with a two minute rest at the end of the set.

I plotted out what I wanted to do but hadn’t really taken account of the time. It meant that I spent too long on my leg exercises and didn’t leave enough for my core and arms and had to reduce those. All lessons learned though so back to the drawing board.

First attempt at the S&C session

My other half has suggested rather than isolation exercises to do combined ones. So rather than just a squat do a goblet squat holding a weight so that I’m working my core as well as my legs. This does sound very sensible so I’m going to take a look and see if I can update my workout for next week.

My other plan is to do little bits throughout the day. When I’m waiting for the kettle to boil do a few calf raises so they’re introduced without really setting the time aside.

What I’d not considered was the unexpected interruptions like the boys getting up part way though my workout. Perhaps this was a bit naive of me but because I overran my youngest was up before I finished. He was happy to watch TV whilst I finished fortunately.

Certainly a few bits to learn from today but onwards and upwards.

Got some company…he doesn’t seem impressed though

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