Run Mumma Run…where it all began

Like a lot of people once I truly committed to running I found it quite addictive.  I’d dabbled in running on and off over a number of years before it really stuck with me.

Years ago I’d listened to an old housemate talk about running and one evening feeling inspired I tried running with her. Whilst she was very patient I felt I was holding her up and a bit of a failure. I’m not sure what I was expecting to be honest, maybe that I’d be running 5k straight away. Certainly not to be struggling to run what I considered to be a decent pace round the park.

I dipped into running every now and then for a few years, entering the odd race, but never really made the commitment to run regularly.  I don’t think I’d really bought into living a healthy lifestyle at that point. It wasn’t until we began planning our wedding that I started really looking at what I was eating and started to exercise more. I joined Slimming World purely so that I could fit in my dress!

My love affair really with running really began after we managed to get tickets to the Para-Olympics in London.  We watched some of the athletics, tennis and cycling. The velodrome was THE most exciting place to be. We were lucky enough to be there for some of the medal races and my goodness the atmosphere was electric. I’m sure that sounds predictable but honestly I’ve never seen or felt anything quite like it.

Between the Para-Olympic athletics we’d seen in the Olympic Park and what I watched on TV I was determined to get out there and give it a go…again.

It started with a few runs by myself and as my confidence grew I started running with people at work during my lunch breaks.

Post Cardiff 10k in 2012 with the lovely Dana Mills

From there I joined a running club. I should add here I’m not an amazing runner and I have to work hard at it, it’s not something that comes naturally to me. I’m no budding Paula Radcliffe that’s for sure!

I even managed a season of cross country with the running club.  It was as bad as I remembered from school!  Although the trail shoes that I bought myself to take part have since come in handy when we’ve had snow and ice and I’ve wanted to run.

My first, and only, attempt at the Christmas Pudding Run in Merthyr Mawr.  I was pregnant here and didn’t know it at the time.

My running journey, like most people’s, has had it’s ups and downs. I didn’t really run through either of my pregnancies. During my first I stopped after I pushed myself too hard and felt really ill afterwards. It scared me and by the time I had the confidence to run again I was nearly too big for my running gear. Instead I ate. Second time round I fully intended to run during the pregnancy, and I was definitely fitter, but at about 16 weeks I put my back out lifting my eldest up and by the time it stopped being painful again I was too big for my gear.

I’m no longer running with the club as trying to get to sessions is too tricky with the boys being so small and bedtime being at the same time sessions start. I now run on my own or with friends when I can rope them in. Running has become my ‘me-time’ and a really important part of who I consider myself to be.

I’m enjoying this next chapter of my running journey and can’t wait to see where it takes me, both literally and figuratively.

Quick plod around the park

How did your running journey begin?


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