The Running Mumma’s Golden Rules of Running

Whether you’re new to running, just coming back after a break or have been running for a while here are a few golden rules I try to follow.

1.Do…give yourself a pat on the back for pulling on your trainers and getting out there. It doesn’t matter how far or fast you go, you did it. Well done you, you are amazing.

2. Do not… blow snot rockets! They are rank. If you’re not sure what a snot rocket is, it’s when you hold one nostril down and rocket snot as hard as you can out the other. Bleurgh. Snot-Rocket1

3.Do…say hi to other runner’s, or at least try to smile. If that’s a bit too hard go with a grimace, a nod or just a grunt. It’s sometimes all I can manage! Us runners are a community after all.

4. Do not…forget to pee before you start your run, particularly if you’re not 100% sure about how effective your pelvic floor muscles are (NB, they are shocking post baby. I should know, I’ve had a couple of close calls!). Having to pee in the bushes certainly isn’t ideal, what with the risk of stinging nettles and lack of privacy (I live in a city so there’s not many places to be discreet!). Also no-one wants to come home to a potty training toddler to be told ‘We do our wees and poos in the potty don’t we Mummy?’, ‘Yes darling, of course we do…except when we’ve pushed a small human out of our vagina and we’ve been exerting ourselves. Then its a little more hit and miss’. Let’s be honest, that’s not a conversation any of us want to be having! Also helpful hint, star jumps are a real test of your nerves…just in case your kids ask you to join in.

5. Do…wear a sports bra. They can be a nightmare to get into, especially if you’re breastfeeding and your boobs are rock hard, but at the end of the day you really don’t want to walk into the office and have a conversation with Sandra from Finance about how you got a black eye from going for a quick jog around the park.

6. Do not…beat yourself up if your run wasn’t what you hoped it would be. Sometimes we are tired or stressed or just super busy and these can all affect the way we run, or how we perceive our run to be going. See number 1, you got out there and you did it. You are an awesome human being.

7. Do…try to take something positive from your run if you can. I don’t mean you have to necessarily have a great time, it’s not all looking like you’re on the front cover of Runner’s World magazine having the best day of your life (just saying…those covers could be a little more realistic sometimes). IMG_20190302_170857Running can be frustrating if it’s not going the way you want it, certainly that’s the way it is for me. It’s about trying to re-frame the run in a more positive light, ideally whilst you’re still out there. It might be focusing on what’s around you or encouraging your mind to wander, or…even running without timing yourself! Controversial I know! Again see number 1. You went for a run, you are amazing.

Happy running awesome runners.

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