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This is me…

I’ve just realised this is my third blog and I’ve not actually introduced myself properly yet, how very rude of me! Sorry about that.

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m English living in Wales, which is neither here nor there most of the time unless the Six Nations is on! I should probably add here that my husband, Dave, is Welsh. Whilst we both enjoy watching the odd game of rugby and encouraging the boys to support the ‘right’ team (obviously Engand! Dah), our two boys gleefully ignore our pleas and would much rather be watching an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine or Paw Patrol! On the rare occasions that we try to watch a game when they are in the room, we either end up going upstairs because we can’t deal with the constant requests of ‘Choo-choos’ or can no longer deal with the constant whining and capitulate and turn on the Choo-choos. Perhaps we are still naive enough to believe that one day we will convince them to watch a game. It’s like when you try to get your kids to eat carrots right? After so many tries they just start liking them. Top tip – if you are rugby fans we found small babies didn’t mind watching because it was just lots of lovely colours moving around the pitch.


Anyway, I digress. I tend to write as I would talk but I’ll try not to go off on too many tangents. Right, where was I? Oh yes, we have two awesome but totally bonkers boys. Our eldest is four and likes to sit on his ‘cat wall’ when he watches TV (don’t ask us we’re clueless too). Does anyone else’s child do this? He’s also obsessed with farts and poo, pretty standard four year old fodder I guess.


We’re still trying to work out if the wee one is a boy or primate…or possibly even a dog since he likes to carry his most favourite treasured possession, Mavis the teddy, around in his mouth. Honestly, poor Mavis is constantly chewed.

I’ve started the blog as a way for me to share our parenting experiences (both the highs and the lows) or for when we’ve been somewhere or done something I think others will enjoy. It’s also a space to have a chat about the other things in my life, like running, although I guess that’s kind of obvious from the name of the blog.

Anyway, I’m hoping you come away feeling like you’ve just had a chat with a friend…and maybe feeling ‘Oh, it’s not just me’ or ‘Thank God I’m not her’. Either way it’s a way to try to brighten up this little world and find some silliness too.


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