How do you bounce back when your race has been postponed?

This weekend was due to be the penultimate weekend ahead of my first ultra marathon. I’ve done the big miles and put in the effort and was just due to taper for the next couple of weeks until the big day arrived. Only due to COVID the race has had to be postponed by three months. The organisers have been fantastic and spent so much time talking to the relevant bodies to try to get it to work but despite this they had no option but to push the race to later in the year.

So what do you do when you’ve completed all the training for your race? Do you sit there and mope or come up with a new plan?

Ok, so I’ll be honest, I did sit there and sulk for a bit as I was disappointed but here’s the joy of the group that I run with. Within two hours we’d already started talking about alternatives. There are three on the table, either run the race on the postponed date, run an alternative race by the organisers or complete the run on the day race or…..

Run the route on the day the race was due to go ahead (unofficially obviously and supported by our own crew/ trips into supermarkets on the way through) and then run the postponed race as well. I mean why run one ultra in a year when you can run two right?

Yes we may be bonkers but it seems such a waste to get to tapering and not actually run on the day so we’re trying to work out whether a double ultra this year is possible. Given the training I’ve been doing I’m minded to think that it’s totally possible to do both with a recovery period in between.

I’m off to plan and I’ll keep you updated.

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