Finding my flow

Do you ever have those runs where everything seems to fit into place and somehow you have an often unexpected but amazing run?

Today was one of those runs for me. I can’t pin point why it happened. Maybe after a quiet day yesterday I felt rested, maybe I ate right yesterday, maybe I was in the right head space or maybe it was because I had a planned route and a mission.

Our running group, She Runs Cardiff, has an August challenge called Around the ‘Diff in 31 days. There are 24 well known sites to ‘tick off’ across the month by either running, walking or cycling to or around them.

I’m prone to running the same routes all the time so something like this challenge is ideal as it makes me find new places to run, or old places to revisit. I’ve lived in Cardiff for nearly 20 years and there’s still some places on the challenge I’ve never visited, or have been to only once or twice, so I’m really looking forward to exploring my city more.

Weekends are ideal for me to see how many I can tick off as I tend to only do short runs in the week due to time constraints.

Today I ticked off five squares, we can tick off up to 6 a week, so I can find one of the more local places for one of my weekday runs.

I ran into Cardiff city centre, on to Cardiff Bay then home. Ten miles in total, which is much longer than normal. I reckon I’d have bagged myself a 10k pb had I remembered to stop my watch when I stopped to take a picture to mark off one of the squares. Never mind, there are always more runs.

I think the beauty of today’s run was that I was able to switch off from home and work. My head was full of positive thoughts and my plan of where I needed to go next. I always find if I think positively I’ll have a better run. I know that sounds obvious but there’s actually some science behind it too. If my mind is in a positive place then I tend to find I tire less and my run feels easier. It’s the power of positive thinking. That’s what works for me anyway.

What do you find works to find your flow?

I’ve already got a long run up with friends booked in for next weekend, socially distanced of course, so I’ll be ticking off a few more squares then.

My board so far…not bad for 9 days in

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