Miles for Mind 2020

It’s the start of May, which means the start of Miles for Mind.

Did you know that every year one in four of us will experience a mental health problem? Runr, who organise Miles for Mind, believes that a healthy body, helps a healthy mind. I couldn’t agree more.

This is the second year I’ve taken part in Miles for Mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge last year. Although this year presents its own challenges, for obvious reasons.

For me running definitely helps with my mood. If I’ve been outside in the fresh air I feel I can cope a bit better with what the day throws at me.

It’s especially important at the moment with so many of us being in lock down. The impact lock down can have in terms of our mental health, feeling isolated, overwhelmed and stressed is massive.

I don’t know about you but I have good days and bad days. We both work full time and have two small boys at home so there’s a lot of juggling to do. Some days I feel like we’ve gotten through the day fairly unscathed and other days it gets to 10am and I’m wishing the day away.

If I’ve run at least I feel like I’ve got some control over my life, and my body, which in turn helps me get through the day (I’m an early morning runner, which is ideal at the moment as there aren’t many people about when I run).

This year I’ve pledged to run 50 miles across May. I’ve also joined a team with my SheRuns: Cardiff friends. I know we’ll all be supporting each other as we always do through the month.

Runr have created a special calendar to help track your miles too. You can track using apps like Strava or just write them down.

If you’re interested in joining Miles for Mind there’s more information here.

I’d love to hear how you’re getting along if you are taking part.


Sam x

One thought on “Miles for Mind 2020

  1. Sounds like a great initiative! Mind is such a great charity! I am certainly using exercise to feel like I have some control over life at the moment; it’s comforting to be able to take charge and achieve something when there is so much uncertainty in the world.

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