Why it’s time to physically distance

Can we talk about physical distancing for a moment? I’m loath to call it social distancing as personally I don’t think we’re being asked to socially distance ourselves. From my experience the current circumstances mean we’re actually more socially connected than ever, be that through social media, phone or mail.

During my run this afternoon I noticed that whilst most people were physically distancing themselves there were quite a few who weren’t. Really people, please get a grip!

Especially frustrating were those walking along on their phones whilst wearing head phones. Meaning they had no clue about what was going on around them.

This is frustrating for two reasons:

1) if you are absorbed in your phone you are leaving the responsibility for physical distancing to others. It is ALL of our responsibility collectively to look after, and out, for each other.

2) you get just one, let me repeat that, ONE, chance to get exercise outside a day. Rather than looking down at your phone, which you can do at home, take in what’s around you. Look at the leaves starting to bud, see the blossom on the trees, hear the birds tweeting. This is your one opportunity to do this. It is a gift to be be able to enjoy the outdoors. There are plenty of people who are allowed, or can’t, or more sadly may never be able to again.  Please don’t waste your gift.

There are people out there putting their lives on the line. Not just the doctors and nurses but the porters and janitors in our hospitals.  The teachers still teaching; the posties; those working in food manufacturing; the people keeping our shops stocked and serving us at the checkout.

Please, please, please physically distance yourself out of respect for others and to keep everyone safe. If we all physically distance ourselves the virus has less opportunity to spread and it’ll hopefully be sooner rather than later when we can return to getting together physically rather than virtually.

Sam x

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