VE Day 75 years on

Today is VE day. 75 years since the end of WWII. Whilst we’re not doing much today, other than spending time as a family I’ll be thinking of my grandparents who lived through it.

This first picture is of my Nanny and Papa.

Nanny, whose 90th birthday we celebrated in March, was sent to Sailsbury as she lived in Portsmouth. She and her brothers hated it so much they went back to Portsmouth. I remember chatting to her about returning and her watching the Guildhall burning from their bedroom window.

Papa fought and was part of the group of soldiers who were D-Day plus 1. He’s told stories of landing one the beach after nearly drowning as they were dropped off in water that was far too deep with their heavy kit on.

This second photo is of my Grandma and Grandad.

My Grandma was a prison of war and we believe held in Belsen, although we’re not 100% sure on this now. Her parents were gassed so we assume they were in Auschwitz. We’ve also heard stories about her brother. He either died fighting for the Austro-Hungrarian army or on ‘ The Long Walk’. My Grandma was let live because she spoke German. She met my Grandad as he was one of the liberating soldiers at the camp she was in. He asked her to marry him, she said ‘Ok’ (Her words not mine!).

My Grandad fought, although I actually don’t know much about his service, other than what I’ve been told about his meeting Grandma.

So many people went through so much for us all to be alive today. Yes we are living through challenging time right this moment but we mustn’t forget what they went through for us to have our freedom today.

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