#Gymshark66 challenge

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about how I can make an active effort to improve my running and looking back at what I was doing when I was a bit fitter (which really wasn’t that long ago). When Gymshark emailed about doing #gymshark66 it felt like great timing. The premise is that it take 66 days to form a habit, or in other words change your life.

I already run but the one thing in rubbish at doing is strength training even though I know it will help me improve. It’s something I used to do about a year ago but it’s just kind of dwindled and so has my pace.

So, my pledge is to make sure I include at least one, if not two, strength sessions a week on top of my running.

I started yesterday with a legs session.

Here’s the joy that accompanied my session 🙈. Not quite the atmosphere of being in a gym!

Next week I’m going to do a time trial 5k and then I’ll do different running sessions each week for the next three weeks and then a time trial at the half way point and at the end to see what difference the strength training has made.

I’m hoping this, coupledwith RED January and my regular runs with She Runs: Cardiff will get me on my way to a 10k pb by the end of the year.

I’ll keep you updated.

Sam x

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