Easy runs, a long run and strength training

I’ve been really rubbish in blogging about my last few sessions. I’ve now moved into week eight of my ultra training plan which just seems bonkers.

Last Sunday I ran with my friend Cat for my ten miler. It was lovely to see each other as it’s been a long time due to lock down. My legs were really tired after my massive run on Saturday so we had to take a few walking breaks. Mentally I felt strong and really felt the benefits of running with a friend as it helped me focus on catching up with each other rather than whether my legs were heavy.

Cat and I on our long run

The other notable difference between Saturday and Sunday’s run was my breakfast. On Saturdays I have an oat smoothie, which is great as I find I can get running not that long after having it. Sundays I always have solid food, last weekend it was pancakes. Whilst I was hungry on my Sunday run it definitely helped feeling I had something solid in my stomach. I’m also getting a bit tired of gels. They’re great and handy but they aren’t a substitute on really long runs for solid food. When I’m on my next longer run (over 13 miles) I’m going to try to take some flapjack or something similar to eat whilst I’m out to see if that makes a difference.

Pre run blueberry pancakes

It was really helpful to get some new ideas for strength training from Cat too. I incorporated one of Cat’s suggestions in my strength session on Tuesday, switching up my goblet squats for squat press ups. I was finding that the goblet squats were getting easier and I can’t up the weight on the single dumbbell further. I could have increased the reps or sets but I like having a choice of strength exercises available to me so it doesn’t get stale.

I kept the Romanian deadlifts in the workout but upped through weights to the full 7kgs. It felt manageable for the reps and sets that I was doing so I’ll aim to keep going with that weight. I also did calf raises, single leg deadlifts and weighted split squats. I found by the end my legs were feeling like jelly but generally I was ok. I did make sure I ate straight after the session to ward off any grumpiness.

This week instead of a speed session and easy miles I had a four mile easy run on Wednesday and an easy five miler on Thursday.

On Wednesday I took it really easy after the strength training as I could feel I’d worked hard, especially on my left side.

I listened to Gaby Logan’s pod cast The Mid•Point. The episode I listened to was with Caitlin Morgan and was really interesting. The pod cases are about celebrating reaching the mid point in your life and also discussing the challenges that come with it. I’d definitely recommend a listen.

Thursday morning the alarm went off and I’ll be honest I could have quite happily gone back to sleep thanks to a middle of the night wake up call. I’m very glad I’d arranged to meet Coleen as it meant I had to get out and run.

We had a fab run and included a big hill. On my weekday runs I’ve tended to keep to fairly flat routes as I’ve done sprints or hill runs the previous day but as I’m on a cut back week I didn’t do either session this week so mentally the hill felt doable.

My legs felt fine and all my muscle tension I felt on my easy four miles the day before had disappeared fortunately so it was a comfortable run.

Me and Coleen

My next run is on Saturday and its ten miles.

4 thoughts on “Easy runs, a long run and strength training

  1. You’re doing some fantastic work, keep it up! Nothing beats running with a friend for extra motivation and distraction. It’s such a lovely way to catch up and combine two pleasurable experiences, right?

    Have you tried baby fruit pouches as fuel for longer runs? More substance and better taste than gels…not too pricy either but obviously different strokes for different folks!


    1. Thanks Hanna, interestingly your mention of baby food pouches isn’t the first I’ve heard. Although some did say to steer clear of the savoury ones 😂. I might give them a go as well. Its always nice to have a few options available.


      1. Absolutely! Think it’s a very individual thing, refuelling on the go but best of luck with it. Flapjack sounds more delicious though, there’s a really nice raisin, banana and oat flapjack recipe out there somewhere 😀

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