Easy 7 miles – extending the weekday easy runs

The past few weeks my easy week day runs have been in my comfort zone and pretty much what I would have normally run outside of a training plan. Today for the first time they ramped up.

This in itself isn’t a problem, but it is worth me noting that all my weekday exercise is completed as fasted training pre-breakfast. The reason I do this isn’t related to fat burn and the benefits of fasted exercise it’s rather more mundane than that. I have two small children and work full time and realistically there isn’t a better time for me to run. Also, I prefer not to run in the evenings.

Today’s run was seven miles. I’d normally do 10k fasted so I figured a little more would be fine. And it was. With the exception of having to get up a little earlier I didn’t really notice the difference in distance.

My run didn’t start well. My headphones stopped working three doors down from the house so I had to nip back and change them for some with wires as I was due to have a runversation with AJ. The idea of trying to chat on the phone whilst holding my phone in my hand again was far from ideal. As it turned out the wired headphones worked this time and we had a lovely conversation, although we had to redial a couple of times, technology is not without its flaws!

We were having such a lovely catch up I didn’t take any notice of my pace and only looked at my watch every now and then to see how far I’d gone. It turns out my easy run was probably slightly less easy than it should have been but I was able to talk normally so I’m not going to worry too much about that.

AJ finished her run before me so I switched across to Radio 1 on the BBC Sounds App (full disclosure I’m way too old to be in the age group the station is supposed to be geared towards but I couldn’t give two hoots). It was so nice to run to music and as I powered up a ‘not that steep’ hill I had that sense of being invincible. Knowing I’d comfortably run seven miles pre-breakfast was a huge boost.

The longest morning run I’ll have is eight miles and right now that doesn’t feel that daunting any more.

I’ve got a rest day tomorrow then a busy weekend of runs. I’m running a half on Saturday followed by ten miles on Sunday.

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