Speed session – tempo runs and sprints

When the news came that we could run with one other person from a different household I jokingly asked whether anyone fancied 6am Run Club again, which has always been surprisingly popular. Gemma jumped in straight away and said she did but that she needed to do a speed session. It was meant to be as that was on my plan too!

She sent me the session that her Garmin plan had suggested and that’s what we did. We did our warm ups separately to get to our meeting place and then did the following session.

I’d forgotten how much fun speed sessions are! As I’ve progressed with my training plan I’ve slowed down a lot in preparation for the longer distances. It was really great to push the pace and feeling my legs working hard to get through the sprints in particular. There’s something exhilarating about seeing how fast you can move the body.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t trust the heart rate monitor on my watch. Its just not consistent. It could be that it’s its moving around too much but I wear it fairly tight. I felt like I was putting in the same amount of effort for my sprints but for some I wasn’t coming out my threshold zone and others I was. The last sprint was my fast but my heart rate was dropping not rising.

I’m going to go with the way things feel rather than monitoring my heart rate religiously in future. I’m still going to consciously slow down and work on my breathing but I’m not going to spend my runs tied to the heart rate monitor on my watch. I don’t think it’s accurate and it’s taking some of the enjoyment out of running that I can still get if I’m taking it easy.

It’s a 7 mile easy run tomorrow.

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