A weekend of running – Caerphilly Mountain and Cardiff Bay

It’s been a busy old weekend of running this weekend. It was nearly a weekend of runs that didn’t happen after I pulled my back Friday morning. Fortunately, quick action and being careful meant I could run both days. In fact the running has helped ease my back. I suspect if I’d dipped out of my runs my back would be much stiffer now.

Saturday – Caerphilly Mountain

I ran my Caerphilly Mountain half marathon route again, but this time with company. Elaine joined me on our little mountain adventure.

I have to say I really enjoy this route, it’s an added bonus that it’s one road in and one road out so it’s hard to get lost!

It’s lovely being able to get out of the city and into the country so quickly. We spotted some horses in a field and as we stopped to look a lady came along with another. Apparently he was a bit grumpy as she was late putting him out in the field.

We had an adventure crossing a flooded section of road. Having watched a car drive through it was pretty clear that we’d get incredibly wet feet if we chose that option. So it was a careful tread through the grass at the side of the road to get round the giant puddle. It was a bit squelchy but my feet stayed generally dry.

The miles passed quickly (well it felt like that but perhaps not if you actually look at our splits) and after many hills we were up the top of the mountain. There was quite a lot of cloud yesterday so the views weren’t as good as last time.

After a battle to open some gels (I won my battle, Elaine didn’t!) we were on our way back down.

There’s a section of the road where there’s no pavement and you have to run on a grassy verge. Last time that was fine as the ground was hard as it was so cold. We’ve had quite a lot of rain recently so it was more like picking your way through the bits that were safe to run down. There were patches that had that sticky, slidy mud you had no choice but to walk down. It’s not safe to run on the road as the cars come along quite fast and there’s lots of blind corners. After playing dodge the mud patches we were back on the pavement and it was plain sailing home.

I misjudged the distance though and ended up having to run round the streets to get to the half marathon distance. Last time I must have realised earlier as looking at my Strava I went a different way home.

I really enjoyed the run. I do get frustrated that I’m so slow at times and think I could probably push myself a little more on the uphill sections but I tend to run on the cautious side and knowing that I’m going to be increasing my distance I need to remember that this really is an ultra marathon and not a sprint.

Sunday – Cardiff Bay

I had tired legs this morning after the half marathon yesterday and the plan said 10 miles was the order of the day. I deliberately planned a flat route today with Gruby as I wanted to give my poor little legs a bit of a chance to recover.

As it turned out my legs were fine up until the last mile. In fact it was more my knees that were aching a bit rather than the rest of my legs. I’ve ordered some new trainers so I’m hoping they’ll arrive soon as I’ve had my current ones for quite a long time and I suspect that might help.

We had a lovely run down to the Bay and back home. I had to run round the streets again so I could make it up to 10 miles. I really need make sure I plan my routes better!

Our pace was fairly fast although neither of us noticed as we were happily chatting away.

An added bonus when I got home was that I was welcomed by the smell of potatoes baking in the oven. After a shower and food I felt much better, although ready for a nap, not that I was allowed one as we ended up having a fairly busy afternoon in the end. Hey ho, early to bed to make up for the lack of nap.

It’s a much needed rest day tomorrow.

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