Hill sprints – short and sweet

It may seem like an odd thing to say but I’m really glad it was hill sprints on the schedule today.

I had a really bad night’s sleep and I felt exhausted this morning. I couldn’t switch off after going to bed and across the night probably got a max of four hours sleep. It quite unusual for me to get insomnia nowadays. I used to get it a lot when both boys were small particularly when they moved to stop night feeds but haven’t had it recently.

I always find when I’m tired I tend to dwell on things and find it much harder to switch my mood to a more positive outlook. That’s not to say you should be positive 100% of the time, far from it. It’s important to acknowledge your emotions and take time to think about why you might be feeling a certain way. But the stuff the I’m dwelling on in the grand scheme can be sorted out.

Having a set session meant that my focus was on that and not other things. By the end I was feeling much better and by the time I’d run home I’d come up with some solutions. Had an easy 6 miles been on the cards I’m not sure I’d have reached the same conclusion.

Today’s session was a warm up, ten 30 second hill sprints and the a cool down run home. It was surprisingly warm this morning when I went out. I wore a coat thinking I’d get really wet but within 10 minutes I had to wrap it round my waist as I was so hot. I got a bit wet on the way home but actually it was really nice.

I started half way up the hill this time as it’s slightly steeper. I also tried to keep going continuously through the run up then jog down rather than stopping at the top to take a break before jogging back down as I figured this would be more beneficial.

The good news is that by making the changes to the strength training yesterday my legs felt much less heavy today. I’m not sure how long I should feel the impact of the strength training, I certainly did yesterday, but it feels like the recovery this week has been much quicker.

It’s easy run day tomorrow. 6 miles and a runversation are on the cards.

4 thoughts on “Hill sprints – short and sweet

      1. Yeah, its fairly small, 1 lap is maybe 1.4km. I change direction every few laps to get a different feel under my feet. It’s close to home, so easiest way for me to get some elevation gain running in.


      2. That’s a good idea to change direction after a few laps. I have a hill i try to include on my 5 mile run which is really steep by a good way of getting a hill into a run.

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