The runversation that didn’t go to plan

Today’s easy 10k was supposed to be made easier by running them whilst on the phone with my friend AJ. Chatting had really helped last week and whilst the Thursday ‘easy’ runs haven’t necessarily been that easy I thought the miles would pass much more quickly than if I was plodding along on my own. I set out from my front door with such hope.

I should have had an inkling when I plugged my headphones in at home that things wouldn’t go to plan as there was a crackling sound but it didn’t click that there was an issue. That’ll be inexperience for you as I never use headphones.

When we started the call AJ said she couldn’t hear me. The weather was really rubbish so I assumed that it was related to the wind and rain. But even when I was holding the mic closer to my mouth I still kept fading in and out.

I took the headphones out as they clearly weren’t going to work and tried the loud speaker but it was so windy that I kept dropping in and out. In the end I resorted to using the phone normally.

Whilst it was lovely to chat and we did for about two and a half miles my arm was getting a little achy and I was clearly adapting my running stride as my right calf was almost cramping. In the end we gave up as I was on a timescale to get back and needed to do 10k.

What it has shown me is that if I want to carry on having runversations I’m going to need to invest in some headphones that work. I’m interested in getting some bone conductor ones so am going to do some research to see which ones to get.

The weather threw everything at us this morning. It was rainy and windy out there today. It took me a while to realise that the pavements hadn’t been salted (in my head it didn’t click as to why that would be very unlikely) and that in fact it was hail stones. On the plus side I was home and showered when an even bigger hailstorm came!

It’s a rest day tomorrow fortunately as I feel like I need it. Then I’ve long runs Saturday and Sunday. My Saturday half marathon is all planned out but I need to plan out Sunday’s 8 miles.

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