Strength training – the tweaked session.

Week three of my training plan (how am I at week three already!) and it was another strength training this morning.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has given me advice over the last couple of weeks to help me improve or given me ideas about routes. It’s really appreciated and is helping me tweak what I’m doing so I don’t end up injured and I’m making the best of the time I have when I exercise.

Following on from suggestions last week (Thank you everyone) I changed what I was doing slightly for this week’s strength training session.

I hadn’t realised at the time, but my escapade in the muddy wood where I slipped over, has pulled my left arm slightly and I didn’t want to push it and make it worse. I’m fine it’s just a slight pull.

Instead of the double weighted squats I just used one dumbbell and did goblet squats instead. I figured it would spread the weight. It also meant that I squatted slightly lower than last week and felt more effective so they’re here to stay until I build up my strength a bit more.

I also lowered the weights I was holding when I was doing my lunges following some advice from a friend. In my blog I’d mentioned that I found it hard to keep my form with the weights. So rather than the big weights which are 4.6kg per dumbbell I switched down to 1.5kg weights. It definitely helped focus on my form. I’m going to keep the lighter weights for the next few weeks and as my form improves and confidence grows I can switch back up.

I kept the calf raises with the same weights as last week as they felt ok and as I’m not moving massively I didn’t think they’d pull too much on my arm.

The Romanian deadlifts were the exercises that I really felt after last week’s session. The DOMS from them seemed to go on for days. Clearly I’m not using those muscles very much! I kept the weight and the reps the same this week so that I can get used to doing them. I’ve made sure I’ve really stretched the backs of my legs afterwards today too to help with recovery.

My weights were followed by some core exercises. They don’t take long and I probably ought to be doing them at least once more if not more than that in across the week. I did a quick round of yoga to help with the stretching as well. I’m finding Downward dog is a great pose for after this session.

Hills tomorrow!

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