The hills session with the heavy legs

I had a really mixed night’s sleep last night thanks to our eldest coming in at 2am to ask for a drink so I really didn’t feel like getting up when my alarm went off. But the plan said a hills session was on the cards and I knew that if I didn’t get up and go out I’d not fit the session in later in the day. Plus I knew I’d feel better for doing it so I shifted myself out of bed and out the door.

Today was supposed to be the same session as last week but I didn’t feel like that one so I mixed it up. Instead of eight 30 second hill sprints I did six 60 second ones up the same hill. I figured as long as I was focussing on going up hill it wouldn’t make that much difference.

I definitely found them harder than last week. The hill I use gets a little steeper at the top so that extra 30 seconds makes a difference not just time wise. I might start the 30 second sprints half way up next week as I think it’ll be more effective, although there are 10 sets next week not eight.

My legs are still heavy from yesterday. Note to self…don’t get too cocky about being able to do weights training and start thinking about increasing reps. My hamstrings are really tight today so I should probably keep the reps as they are for a couple of weeks and go from there.

It meant that I did do a proper warm up though as I didn’t want to get injured. I’m terrible for just heading out and using my first mile as a warm up. But now I’m training more I need to take better care and that means a proper warm up and cool down.

I’ve another easy six mile run planned for tomorrow. I’m definitely heading into it a bit wiser after last week and expecting it to be slower than normal. Really tomorrow is about practicing running on tired legs and pushing through mentally rather than worrying about whether I’m too slow. At the moment that feels quite liberating but we’ll see in the morning.

A happy face after finishing

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