The run with the positive mindset

It’s amazing what a difference changing your mindset can do.

I went into today’s 10k run knowing it wasn’t going to be fast and accepting that fact. It made it so much more enjoyable and in turn that change in mindset made me feel more positive. I actually wasn’t that much slower than last week (although I would have been a bit faster today if I’d remembered to stop my watch when I stopped to take pictures!).

Rather than focus on my legs feeling heavy I noticed more about what was around me. I felt like I had more of a ‘bounce’ about me and that every thing was in a good space. I noticed that it’s starting to get light earlier again and that the birds were singing. It won’t be long before my morning runs will be in the light and that’s a really lovely thought. I love running at dawn.

Note to self though if I stop to take photos of the dawn to stop my watch. Can you tell which mile I stopped at?

I did take some lovely photos though.

There’s something definitely going on with my Garmin though as it now seems to think that my maximum elevation was -73m. I’m pretty sure last time I checked Cardiff wasn’t below sea level!

My legs are still a bit sore so I’m going to relax this evening and foam roller (I did mention it’s becoming my new best friend in my post the other day) and maybe do some stretches whilst watching some TV. There’s nothing like multi-tasking.

My friend suggested I might want to switch my days around so I wasn’t doing two heavy sessions back to back so I’m thinking about moving my weekday easy run to a Wednesday and then the hills session to a Thursday. I’m going to see how the next couple of weeks go and then decide as I’ve got another full week next week then I hit my first ‘cut back’ week where I’m not running quite so much.

It’s a rest day tomorrow and then my two back to back long runs on the weekend. Saturday is a half marathon followed by 10k on Sunday. I’ve already planned Saturday’s route and I’m really looking forward to it. Adventure run here I come.

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