Strength and conditioning session- Take 2…with compound exercises

After last week’s strength and conditioning session I wasn’t sure whether I was doing the right thing and I definitely wasn’t time efficient so I went back to the drawing board.

I popped my workout on Instagram and a few very lovely people pointed me in the direction of some other accounts they thought I might find useful. Social media at its best! I had an explore of the accounts and also chatted with my husband as his main focus in terms of exercise is strength training.

We drew up a new plan of compound exercises (I’m learning new terminology all the time!) which combines strength exercises with weights so I’m not working muscles in isolation.

Instead of body weight squats I did them weights so I’m working my core more and my arms. The same for my lunges as well. I added in some Romanian deadlifts with the dumbbell too and some calves raises.

I then tagged on some core exercises at the end.

The starting point

I don’t work out much with weights so it was quite different and I was concerned about making sure my form was good so I had my phone camera out to act as a mirror. Anyone walking in would have thought I was bonkers.

I found the squats a bit easy but I noticed that I don’t dip down as low as I thought so that’ll be the challenge for next week.

I really enjoyed the deadlifts and may add a couple of reps to each set next week. I don’t feel ready to add extra weight yet. That’ll come over time as I get stronger and more confident.

I hate lunges at the best of times as I find them really difficult. I tend to turn my leg in so that’s something I am conscious that I need to focus on. I’m going to persevere though as I know they will help me in the long run.

After the core exercises I finished with a really basic yoga on I found on Shona Vertue’s YouTube channel years ago. It’s child’s pose, moving into downward dog then lowering to cobra before going back into child’s pose. I then did a few stretches. My foam roller is definitely going to become my best friend over the next few weeks and months.

Hill training tomorrow. Wish me luck, my legs are still feeling this morning’s work.

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