Virtual Race To The Stones – the count down begins

My biggest running challenge starts in just 3 days. 100k in 7 days courtesy of the Virtual Race To The Stones.

When I think of having to cover 100k across 1 week it feels really intimidating and overwhelming. So I’m creating a plan.

Take it day by day, run by run.

The plan is to cover about 14-15k each day split into two sessions. One 10k run in the morning and another run or walk, depending on the knees, in the evening. Going out for just over an hour and a half each day feels far more manageable.

I trialled running 10k this morning and learned a couple of useful lessons.

1 – take a drink. I don’t want to get dehydrated otherwise the week is going to be really long.

2 – eat something before I go.

3 – relax and enjoy it.

I’m running to raise money for Mind. Most of us have found the last three months challenging at some points in relation to our mental health. Mind provides people with support for their mental health.

I thought if I’m challenging myself by doing something that I find positive for my mental heath then raising money so others can get help with theirs seemed a perfect match.

If you do have any spare money, I appreciate that in these unusual times that may not be the case, and you’d like to sponsor me that would be absolutely amazing. My Just Giving page is here.



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