How company makes a run easy

I’ve managed to avoid running too much in the rain so far but today the rain caught up with me for my 7 miler this morning. It brightened up later in the day so clearly I got my timings wrong!

I ran most of my run with my friend Coleen. It was lovely to see each other as we’ve not had a chance to catch up properly since the start of lock down before Christmas.

All in all the run was more about the company than the miles we ran as we zig zagged across the city and physically it felt easy most of the time, which is exactly what it should do.

I read an interesting article in an old Runner’s World the other night about easy runs. It was about how an easy run isn’t about having a set slower pace but about how that run feels, i.e. what’s an easy pace one day might my be the same another day so you don’t need to have a set pace to aim at. I felt that that was a really important message to take away as I’ve often wondered if my easy runs have been too fast and I spent the first few weeks trying to slow down and lower my heart rate. In fact if I’m happily chatting away and I’m comfortable then that’s an easy run and there’s no need to over think things, which is reassuring really.

My legs mostly felt a bit better today although I could feel my bum still aching a little bit towards the end. I think the rain made us run a little faster at points as it was so wet.

I’m off to plan my 16 mile run for over the weekend now as the route I have been running will have some very muddy patches and I’m not keen on them if I’m honest. It’s a rest day tomorrow, which I’m feeling the need for.

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