Quick cadence speed session

I’m not going to lie, my butt aches after yesterday’s strength session! I think it was the split squats. That’s what I’m blaming any way!

It made me question whether I need to reorder my weekday sessions so that my easy run is in between the strength training and my hills/speed session. It was suggested it might be a good idea to not do an intense session the day after strength training during my first week of training (Thank you Catrin) but I decided to plod on. I’m now reconsidering whether in fact it would be a good idea to switch it up. Yesterday I noticed that my legs were still feeling the effects of the long miles on the weekend. That’s the first time that’s happened, which is adding to me having the rethink.

I wasn’t sure how the speed session would feel today based on my achy bum. It turns out it was fine after a warm up.

Today’s session was:

Whilst it sounded like a simple session neither of us where exactly sure what going at that cadence would feel like, mostly from my point of view as I don’t pay much attention to my cadence when I look over my runs. Because neither of us has our cadence showing on our screens on our watches we just guessed and hoped that we were going at the right cadence.

It turns out we were:

It was a bit of a strange sensation as I’m not used to focusing on my stride length, normally I just focus on my speed so it was a different way of doing a session.

Out of the three speed sessions we’ve done from Gemma’s half marathon plan the first was the one that I felt was the hardest session and I felt like I got the most out of. My next block of intensive sessions are hills sessions.

We also had a really helpful chat about strength training as Gemma’s got lots more experience than me. I always feel lost in between sets as I’m supposed to rest but that just feels wrong waiting to do the next set whilst not doing anything. It’s something I’ll have to get used to especially as I’ll need to think about upping my weights and so reducing my reps and increasing my sets.

Tomorrow’s run is seven easy miles.

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