Easy 7 miles and my radio revelation

This morning, for the first time since I can remember, I listened to the radio whilst out on my run. I’ve never really run with headphones so by default I’ve not listened to music whilst I’ve been running.

Before covid, when I drove to work rather than just sat down at my dining room table, I used to listen to the radio on the way into work. But no commute means I’ve not listened much in the past year. I’m in meetings a lot so it’s not really appropriate whilst I’m working.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed just listening to tracks and hearing new music as well.

I was out early so listened to Arielle Free on the Early Morning Breakfast show on Radio 1. Greg James just snuck on as I was about 10 minutes from home.

It really made my run so much more enjoyable, especially as it was cold. Plus Tenacious D Best Song in the World was on and that brings back loads of memories. I’m definitely going to make sure I tune in to music when I’m running, if I’m on my own.

The Ivor Novello statue in Cardiff Bay
I accidentally took this one of the Pierhead Building but I quite like it

Today was also the first day I’ve made it home as the sun rose. I’m really looking forward to the lighter mornings now.

In other news I have new trainers. I wore them yesterday for the first time and again today. They’re white, eek, but I was amazed at how much grip it felt like they had compared to my old trainers, especially as I hadn’t realised that the grip had gone!

I’ve got a rest day tomorrow then another big weekend of runs, 15 miles Saturday and 10 on Sunday. Another couple of weeks and I’ll be going into new territory in terms of distance as the furthest I’ve run is about 15 miles.

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