Speedy Wednesday Runday

This morning Gemma and I did another speed session.

I genuinely think speed sessions are one of my favourite parts of my training plan. I really enjoy the long runs but the speed sessions are the exact opposite. Short and sharp.

Here’s our session from this morning.

My hamstrings were tight after yesterday’s strength training, I think it’s from the single leg deadlifts as they were new but it didn’t affect the session today too much. I felt my back was slightly tight during the first few reps although I think that was probably down to not warming up as thoroughly as I would have liked thanks to a small child waking up very early!

I could feel myself tiring towards the end of the last couple of one minute reps. Gemma’s watch beeped a warning just before we finished and by the last couple of reps I’d almost worked out when we’d finish. That first rep though always feels so much longer than the rest!

The 30 second reps fly past, and the minute rest in between each sprint was really beneficial.

I’m pretty impressed with the feedback from my watch in terms of pace.

There’s a bit of a difference between the first and last two reps but I got faster not slower. I think it’s because when I start I worry about whether I’ll be able to do all the workout and towards the end I realise that I can.

We earned a frosty badge from Garmin today as well. It was really cold out this morning, but fortunately not icy.

I’ve got a seven mile easy run tomorrow. I’m going to test out my new headphones again to see if they work properly.

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