October 2020 Round Up

It’s been a while since I last blogged so a round up seemed like a great way to get back into it.

October has included exploring new routes, trail runs, hills, speed sessions and easy runs. I’ve really enjoyed the variety and it’s definitely been good for the soul.

October has definitely a month of two halves, well three quarters and one quarter.

The first three quarters were spent mostly running socially distanced with friends inside the county boundaries. The last week week of October Wales went into fire-break, which meant a return to solo running.

I found a bit of a routine with my runs, well up until fire-break, which is definitely helping with my fitness and speed.

I’m really enjoying pushing myself in the speed and hill sessions. There’s nothing like trying to keep up with faster friends to keep the legs turning over quickly. The speed sessions have been great at showing me what I can achieve, even when I’ve been doubting myself at my fitness and speed.

I’ve been using my weekend runs to explore shorter routes or do my longer runs.

October, like September, has been crazy busy in work. I’ve definitely felt the stress, along with working some very long hours. Without my running, and the support of friends, I’d have struggled far more than I have.

I’ve loved running with others but I have to say I am enjoying running on my own and mixing my routes up. I’ve had space to think, or day dream, which I’ve enjoyed. It’s been a great way of getting some head space.

That said I am looking forward to,  hopefully, running with friends socially distanced again.

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