Heart rate running – the art of distraction

I had another attempt at an easy run keeping my heart rate down today. My new headphones arrived yesterday so took my friend Cat’s advice and listened to a podcast rather than music to see whether that would help.

I’ve not long started listening to podcasts and I’m half way though Shreds which is about Lynette White’s murder and the Cardiff five. It’s really interesting but not early morning solo run material. I opted for Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe’s Lockdown Parenting Hell which was very funny.

The headphone are Tayogo S2s and whilst it’s slightly strange not having ear buds in my ear it was good to be able to hear what’s going on around me. Plus I thought they worked well. I need to test them out a few more times but as a first use of budget bone conductor headphones I thought they were pretty good. Plus they were reduced to £26 so happy days.

Please excuse the battered table I have a three year old with a tendency for destruction

I tried not to keep watching my heart rate but just to check in every now and then. It seemed to do the trick. My average heart rate was ever so slightly higher than yesterday but I ran a much hillier route today and my cadence wasn’t quite so slow.

My heart rate still seemed to spike and I had to walk to bring it down but my average pace was a bit faster even though the time spent in the orange zone as a percentage was almost identical. I’m guessing perseverance is the key. Plus working out whether my zones are correct in the first place.

In terms of my zones a friend has sent me some information about how to work out my zones so I’m going to take a look and see whether they’re correct on my watch.

I’m on a rest day tomorrow then it’s 10 miles Saturday and 6 miles Sunday with a runversation.

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