Happiness is…being able to run with others again

The rules in Wales changed yesterday, and it means that socially distanced runs with one other person are now permitted.

I hadn’t been expecting any changes to the exercise regulations, that could be me not following the right channels as I’ve been more focussed on what’s happening with the schools, or it could be that it’s not been widely publicised. Either way the news was music to my ears. My miles are starting to increase now for the ultra and the additional challenge of running more than about 15 miles on my own were starting to appear on my radar. Obviously I’d have just cracked on if the rules hadn’t changed but this means that I can cover those harder runs with someone else now.

Saturday’s run with Elaine was a pure fluke. She spotted me at some traffic lights at about mile 3 of my 10 miler and I casually shouted across to see of she fancied joining me. She did! After a quick detour to Elaine’s we were on our way. It was so nice to have company and it made the miles pass so much quicker.

Spring felt like it was starting to arrive when we spotted some lambs in a field. It doesn’t take long to get out of the city into the country. It’s so nice to be abe run in green spaces, especially as I spend so much time in my dining room at a computer so to be able to get the fresh air is so important.

My run ended up being 11 happy miles.

I had a quick look at my stats afterwards and compared them to the same run I did a couple of weeks ago (minus the small detour). Across the run I was slower but my heart rate stayed lower as well. I clearly took it slower as I had someone to talk to. The run felt easier this time too, probably because of the drop in pace and I knew where I was going but it also means I should be able to last across the whole race.

Today’s run was another socially distanced run, this time with Gruby. She took me one one of her usual routes. It’s funny that you can live really close to someone and have totally different routes. I’d not run half of the route we ran today so it was really good to try running somewhere else.

We ran past Cardiff Castle as part of the mini challenge that Run Wales have added to the #Frommydoor campaign.

We had a really useful chat about heart rate running too. I kept an eye on my heart rate and at one point it was at about 172 beats per minute but I was chatting away fairly normally. I’m minded to think that my watch must be out because at 170 beats per minute I should be close to running at my limit in a speed or hill session rather than on a chatty run. Funnily enough after we stopped to take the photos my heart rate dropped and didn’t get that high again. I think because I don’t trust my watch to be accurate rather than heart rate running I’m going to run by how I feel.

We chatted the whole way round…but my heart rate still looks really high. I’m not sure my watch is right

I’ve got a rest day tomorrow, then back to strength training on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Happiness is…being able to run with others again

    1. We hiked it rather than ran it. I’m trying to get some big hills in as the race in June isn’t on the flat. We’re really fortunate where we live that there’s never a hill or mountain far away!


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