Runner’s FOMO

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last post. Unfortunately that’s not because I’ve been sunning myself on holiday whilst the kids play nicely in the pool/ sand/ generally together, whilst I’m sipping a cocktail. Ha ha, who am I kidding. That’s a Disney movie not reality. It’s just that I’ve just been super busy.

Me dreaming of entering my next race because of FOMO

I’m sure some of you will look at this posts title and say how is it even possible to get runner’s FOMO? It’s incomprehensible that anyone would be worried about missing out on running, what with the fact is makes you sweat buckets and turns you beetroot red. Or is that just me after going for a run?

Well friends, I’ve had a massive bout of runner’s FOMO recently and entered a few races which are well and truly out of my comfort zone. Eek.

It all started on a lovely sunny Saturday morning a few weeks ago when we went for a This Mum Runs recce to try out a new route. As you do, we got chatting and a number of the other Angels started talking about races they’d done and what else the had coming up.

One of those races was a trail half marathon. A number of the Angels had run a 10k race run by the same organisers (Tough Runner) recently and had also entered the half. Somehow I got swept up in the excitement and entered my credit card number into the race appliplication and before you could say Bob’s your uncle (I do actually have an uncle called Bob) I’ve entered.

After my first half many years ago I swore never to do another again. It took me a number of years to break that promise and I ran the Cardiff Half Marathon in 2013. I’m now running it again this year. I kind of know what to expect with the half but trail running is something that is totally new to me.

My runner’s FOMO has also just led me to enter a 10k in the Afan forest in the middle of January. It’s an expensive hobby, this runner’s FOMO!

I’m also seriously contemplating the Run Walk Crawl ultra. Only the 18.5 mile version though not the full ultra, I mean let’s not get too carried away. I have plenty more reservations about this race as there’s a kit list, of which I don’t have the majority of so it’s quite a big investment financially as well as physically and mentally.

In school I used to dread cross country running. You’d have found me at the back, walking for as much of it as I could. I even tried a cross country season with my old running club and hated that as well. So I’m as surprised as the next person that I’m so keen to try trail running. I can’t pin point what it is yet that making me feel the draw, but something feels different about trail running to cross country. Maybe it’s because this time we’re looking at running together as a group and it’s more social than anything else I’ve done before. I’m not sure. After all I could do the first one and start wondering why I’ve entered the others. Let’s hope not though!

Can someone please tell me what happened to the girl who only a few years ago was apprehensive about being able to run around the park, I think she’d want to know how far she’s come since she first put on a pair of trainers all those years ago.



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