When training for a race doesn’t go to plan…part 2

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Cardiff Half and I’ve had a bit of time to reflect. Plus life has been super busy so I’m only just getting round to writing this post.

In part one of this post I mentioned that I had three plans. Plan A was to do sub two hours, plan B was to run the race between 2.10 and 2.15 and plan C was just to finish.

I think it’s fair to say that the race didn’t go to plan as yet again I set off far too quickly. By the halfway point if I’d have managed to carry on at that pace I would have had a shot at just about cracking the 2 hour mark.

Unfortunately, I got so paranoid that I was going to burn out before the end by mile 7 I slowed myself down to a walk/run.

It’s like mentally my mind just says to my body “Hang on now, you’ve got another 7 miles to go yet!” and everything comes to a halt. It’s the third time its happened. Each in races that are longer than 10k. Maybe I’m just not that strong mentally to race the distance, but I’m not inclined to think that’s the case as I can get round a training run comfortably enough.

Does anyone else get the same thing? How have you managed to beat your brain?

Even though the race didn’t go to plan I still managed to post a fairly decent time as I finished in 2:14:41, just scraping into plan B.

I’ve got another half in a few weeks but this one is a trail half and I plan to enjoy the scenery rather than worry about times. Maybe this one will help sort out my race paranoia?

On a positive note, I enjoyed my post run celebration.



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