Thomas the Tank Engine and the many, many questions

The wee one is mega obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. So much so that I can say with confidence that I can probably recite half of the episodes in my sleep.

Big can now hear a snippet of the one the wee one is watching and tell us exactly what episode he’s watching. As a fan, on a scale of 1 to 10 he’s a 15.

Here’s the thing though, having watched such vast quantities of the show I’ve been left wondering a few things:

  • Why does no-one bat an eyelid that the trains all have faces and talk. It’s plain weird.

  • Why do only some of the carriages have faces and talk? Gordon pulls the Express and they don’t have faces but Annie and Clarabel do.
  • Why are Annie and Clarabel such irritating know it alls?
  • On that note, how does Thomas put up with Annie and Clarabel? Seriously, they would drive me insane!
  • How many things can they get to run on the rails in Sodor? It’s not just trains, but there’s now a boat called Skiff and the Fat Controller’s car.
  • When did the Thin Controller appear? I mean I’m pretty sure he didn’t exist when I was a kid, did he join the railway in the intervening years? He’s rarely there. Is he actually the Godfather of the whole enterprise and the Fat Controller works for him?

  • How do so many engines just get forgotten about? Hiro was just abandoned in a random siding. How do you loose a massive engine? That’s a bit irresponsible in my view.
  • Has Sodor grown from when I was a kid? There seem to be loads more engines that are either new or I don’t remember. Obviously Thomas, Toby and Harold the helicopter I remember. But Flynn the Fire Fighter? Nope. Bash, Dash and Ferdinand? Nope. Emily? Nope…the list goes on. Is it really just a marketing ploy to make parents spend loads of money on merchandise?

  • Where is Sodor? It’s this massive island, with beaches and mountains and loads of branch lines. I kind of assumed it was along the lines of the Isle of Wight but who knows. Actually if you do, please do let me know.

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