To share or not to share?

Big came home from school at the end of last week with a form that we had to go through with him about online safety as they use the computers in school (how times have changed from when I was in school!). Anyhow, it got me thinking about how much I share of the boys online, especially as ‘sharenting’ has been in the press a bit recently. ‘Sharenting’ is when parents share pictures and information about their children.

My experience from following people on social media is that generally there are three different approaches:

  • Those who share nothing in terms of pictures or details;
  • Those share pictures but perhaps not that much identifying information such as names;
  • and then those who share more freely.

The accounts I follow, and love, fit across all of these. I guess that’s why I’m quite interested in the different ways everyone approaches social media.

I’m trying to work out how I feel about sharing personal information about the boys at the moment. On one hand sharing experiences with others is a great way to chat about the trials and tribulations that come with parenthood.

But sometimes I wonder whether the boys would be bothered by some of the posts I share, particularly if we’ve had a challenging day or they’ve done something that I think is hilarious but they may not see it like that when they’re older.

My children are still very young and therefore I’ve not had a conversation with them about how they feel about me sharing bits and pieces about them online or got their consent. Big is four so is starting to learn about online safety but the wee one is only two so that’s not really possible. He regularly sits next to me licking his teddy like it’s a lollipop!

Currently, I think I sit somewhere between the middle and the last approaches, depending on the social media app. I have both an Instagram account and Facebook page for The Running Mumma as well as a personal Facebook page. My personal Facebook page is private and I am only friends with people I know on there so I share more information as it’s locked down. However, my Instagram page is open and whilst I share pictures of the boys and freely caption them, I don’t share certain information, such as the boys names or their school/ nursery etc so at least they have some privacy.

However, my now private personal Instagram account and my personal Twitter account all have references to my children’s names in them.  I haven’t deleted any of the posts where the boys names are mentioned yet.  I’m still debating whether that’s a route I want to go down or whether I should leave them up.

I guess it’s up to each of us how comfortable we are in sharing information and this certainly isn’t about judging anyone. It’s just one mamma trying to find her way.  I’m just really interested to know what people’s views are. Are you worried about sharing information about your children or has it become an acceptable, and expected, part of society?

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