Love a matching top

I’m not sure how it’s happened but somehow the wee one is two!

In some ways it feels like that two years has flown by but in other ways it feels like he’s been here forever. I don’t think I appreciated how different the boys would be, which was incredibly naive of me. I think I thought we’ve done this once so we have a pretty good idea about what to expect. How wrong was I! I hadn’t factored in how much of their personalities come through so early. Big was always pretty laid back and I think it lulled us into a false sense of security in relation to so many things that second time round it came as a bit of a shock when the wee one didn’t do the same things, like, you know, sleep. Our eldest slept through from four and half months, which even we appreciated was unusually quick. He was also a good eater and in the coffee shop, when the rest of my friends babies were crawling up them to escape, he would sit in the high chair and people watch whilst I drank my hot coffee. I think the wee one came along and thought mwah ha ha let’s give them a bit of a wake up call.

Whilst our eldest had been an easy going baby the wee one has always known his own mind. He refused to sleep anywhere other than on us for the first two months of his life. He also screamed in the buggy carrycot whenever we went out anywhere. We hardly used it in the end as it wasn’t worth the hassle and just used the car seat instead or a sling as I hired one for a while. Everyone had told me that second time round it was so much easier but I’ll be honest that wasn’t my experience.

Don’t get me wrong there were still challenges with our eldest. He didn’t crawl until he was a year, which having the experience I do now I can see was not the burden that it felt like at the time. But when you’re in the thick of it all you can see are other babies the same age getting around freely and I worried that someone might suggest going somewhere that he would struggle with and wouldn’t be able to join in. Whereas the wee one was on the move from nine months old, and he was quick! So quick he was 18 and a half months before he walked. I mean what’s the point in walking when you can get there twice as quick crawling? But once he learned to walk he was off and running, mostly into things and he’s still not mastered changing from running on the carpet to the laminate which means he skids around like a little dog, normally falling over into the shoes in the hallway.

Whilst physically the big one’s development was a bit slower his language was brilliant, he was talking in full and understandable sentences when he was still quite small. His first sentence? “Daddy did a fart!” Honestly, he’s been obsessed since he was a baby. The wee one is miles behind in his language and life will definitely be easier once he can communicate better with us. I can already see he’s less frustrated the more we understand but there’s a fair way to go yet.

The one similarity the do have is that they are both very happy little people and the absolutely adore each other. The big one has always been smiley and lives to make others laugh. The wee one finds his brother hilarious so it’s a match made in heaven in many ways.

When you get to play with your big brother


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