We made the most of our annual passes to Techniquest today. If you live in the South Wales/West area it’s worth a visit. If you’ve not heard of it, or have but are wondering whether it’s worth going, we’d definitely recommend it, particularly for a wet and rainy day. Techniquest is a hands on science and discovery centre. Our boys absolutely love it as there’s nothing they can’t explore there. It’s fab for all ages.

They especially love the water play area, which Techniquest have added to. There are now loads of toys to play with and cover-ups if your little ones are prone to getting absolutely soaking. The wee one always gets really wet as he’s still so short, although we figured he’d just dry out.

One of the other areas the boys like, especially our eldest, is the limited light area. He’s especially keen on making his own shadows. He also loves the body warmth imaging exhibit – turns out his tummy is super hot, which he discovered when he lifted up his t-shirt (I was initially quite embarrassed until some of the other children joined in too!)

The wee one is just at the age where he loves looking at himself in the mirror so had a fab, if not slightly confusing, time exploring the four way mirrors.

Techniquest also have a number of shows they put on at intervals throughout the day. I took our eldest and his cousin to watch the Fire v. Ice show. The boys really enjoyed it as they do proper experiments where they mix chemicals (obviously safely, that goes without saying). I won’t post any pictures so I don’t spoil it! Techniquest change the shows fairly frequently too, this was a different show to the one we saw at Christmas.

Techniquest also have their own planetarium, where they do special shows/talks. We took our eldest in at Christmas time and he really enjoyed learning about the constellations, especially as there’s Leo the lion.

Techniquest – https://www.techniquest.org

Just a quick note to say, I’ve not been paid to write this post and Techniquest are not aware that I have done so.

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