Finding my flow

After a disrupted training cycle for the South CANUM, thank you Covid, I’m now trying to find my flow with my training for Race to the Stones.

I’ve always created my own training plans, mostly because there aren’t any out there for 40 mile ultras. It’s been a relief to have a plan that’s been written specifically for RTTS. It’s taken all thinking out of planning and I’m enjoying having something in place which means that other than finding a route I don’t have to think about whether the session I’m going to be doing is the right training for the race.

Whilst the plan is in place the one thing I’m still struggling with is keeping my heart rate slow. I’m finding at the moment that my heart rate is still spiking on my easy runs and I’m having to stop and walk quiet a bit. I’m sure it’ll come back and I’ll find my flow but it’s really frustrating. I’ve lost the ability to chat and keep my heart rate low.

I was running with friends on our long run on the weekend and we kept having to walk as my heart rate was sat at over 170. It comes down really quickly and obviously the heart rate monitor on my watch is never going to be 100% accurate but it’s that feeling that you’re holding people up. Interestingly as soon as we hit shade and a trail my heart rate dipped back down to a normal (for me) range so it might be when we hit the trails that some of the issues I’m having now go away.

I’m looking forward to planning some trail runs soon, they’re so much more interesting than running on the road and it mixes up the training. Until then it’s hills and steady road runs to try to practice keeping my heart rate in check.

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