Crawling out the waiting cave

It’s been four months since my last blog post and if I’m honest my mojo went and hid under a rock for pretty much the whole of the time. Unusually for me I couldn’t be bothered to run. I ditched the early morning runs that I’ve been so dedicated to running over the past four years in favour of staying in bed. My workload hasn’t help as I’ve worked long hours and felt I was picking between running and sleeping to try to keep on top of everything. Sleep won. I’ve also been fighting a series of colds, which again have hampered my mojo. All in all it’s been pretty dire in terms of the miles clocked up.

I’ve been talking about doing another ultra for a while now (even with said mojo MIA). I didn’t do anything about it for ages, partly because my other half had a really difficult day with the boys when I ran the VOGUM. OK, so that be a bit of an excuse! Whilst it did affect me committing, realistically it was my missing mojo again that stopped me.

I’ve also been a bit wary of committing to training for a race only for it to be rescheduled due to COVID, especially after it happened with the VOGUM, which was rescheduled for two months after the original date. With the rise in cases of Omicron and so many people I know catching COVID it is a potential situation I may find myself in.

But yesterday I bit the bullet. You only live once right? I could keep putting it off but I know that I need a race to train for to really commit to running consistently.

So whilst the boys were playing with their new toys I sat and created a training plan. Not your usual Christmas day activity but I’m pretty sure you need to be slight bonkers to choose to run 40 miles in one go anyway!

Having helped out on the She Runs: Cardiff aid station at the Pegasus Ultra Running South CANUM last summer I knew it was the one that I want to enter. The route runs from Newport to Brecon along the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal and it’s stunning.

With only 14 weeks (96 days!) until the race I’m starting to cut it a bit fine in terms of training. I’m still holding on to the fact that having run two ultra’s this year there will be some muscle memory in my legs. I’ve borrowed the Runner’s World 16 week 50 mile ultra plan and adapted the first few weeks to catch up. I’ve also tweaked a couple of weeks as I’m changing jobs and there are a couple of midweek runs that I’ve moved around for the time when I’m in between roles when I’ll be able to run in the day.

I’m looking forward to trying the plan as last time I tried to pull something together myself and I’m hoping having more structure will help improve my running rather than leave me over trained. The plan also fits around family life a bit better than the plan I wrote as it doesn’t require back to back running until closer to the race, which means we don’t loose both days of the weekend to me training.

My training plan officially starts tomorrow but I headed out this morning and ran 8 miles. I ran a solo 5 miles then joined our She Runs: Cardiff in person runs for a lovely yarn bomb hunt around our usual Roath route. I headed out later than planned so didn’t run quite as far as I wanted to before meeting everyone and I’m still having issues with my calves but I managed to keep my heart rate down to make sure the run was fairly easy.

Easy running is something I need to work on. Normally I just run but if I’m going to stick to the plan I need to start working on easy runs and then upping my pace for certain runs in the plan. I’m a work in progress but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

2 thoughts on “Crawling out the waiting cave

  1. You’ve got this! Truth be told, this has probably been my worst running year. My heart just wasn’t in it half the time and I feel exhausted. But I’ve also committed to an ultra (44km) and really determined to get back into as I know this is my happy place. Best of luck!

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